Meet the Team – Ethan Frank

Ethan Frank Marketing Choices
By Jesse Popp

Ethan Frank is a Marketing Associate with Marketing Choices who lives in Maui, Hawaii, and works for Marketing Choices remotely. He works in the writing department and helps with organizing writing staff applications. Additionally, Ethan corresponds with potential candidates and manages the paperwork they provide. Furthermore, he works on other various marketing-related tasks at Marketing Choices. Despite his current position as a Marketing Associate, Ethan has not always worked in this field. However, he has past non-marketing job experience and an impressive education history. So, without an extensive background in marketing, what led Ethan Frank to his contemporary occupation? 

Ethan Frank’s Education History

Before joining the Marketing Choices team, Ethan enjoyed his time as an Eagle Scout. To this day, he still loves camping and other outdoor activities. Ethan began to attend Western Washington University in 2015 on scholarship. When starting, he really wanted to be a medical doctor. This led him to want to study medicine and human health. Consequently, he ended up taking public health, psychology, and pre-med-related classes. While attending Western Washington University as a full-time student, Ethan worked odd jobs in order to supplement his income and build his resume. Ethan eventually graduated from Western Washington University in 2020. Ahead are more specifics of the other jobs Ethan has worked, as well as an internship experience of his. 

Ethan’s Past Job Experiences

Prior to entering his current field of marketing, Ethan had a professional internship within the medical field. This internship was with the Department of Health. His duties consisted of researching COVID-19 and researching rat lungworm transmission. He also worked at the Department of Health as a contact tracer. Besides his professional internship with the Department of Health, Ethan has had quite a few other jobs in a variety of fields. He has been a veterinary assistant at a veterinary clinic and a busser and host at restaurants. He has also worked at summer camps and as a paraprofessional at an elementary school. Finally, Ethan is currently working his first job in the marketing industry as a Marketing Associate at Marketing Choices! But what led Ethan to make the switch to marketing? 

How Ethan’s Marketing Career Began 

Ethan began working in the marketing field because marketing is starting to become a vital part of every business. He wants to learn how marketing companies operate so he can help small businesses have a voice in a public market dominated by large-scale corporations. As a Marketing Associate at Marketing Choices, Ethan has enjoyed learning and improving upon skills as he works with his director and coworkers. He believes that every job provides opportunities for personal growth and education, especially his position at Marketing Choices. As a remote employee, Ethan has relished improving his skills of organization, self-motivation, and resourcefulness every day of the job. He acknowledges the discipline needed to work in remote positions. Therefore, he prides himself on his ability to improve the skills he already has for his rising marketing career. 

Ethan’s Career at Marketing Choices

The best skills that Ethan believes he brings to the table for his career at Marketing Choices are his research and presentation skills. He is also working on learning more about web development so he can contribute to the company in that aspect as well. In his occupation as a Marketing Associate with Marketing Choices, he already has a favorite memory with his coworkers. He really enjoyed his time spent on a staff Zoom call where they discussed the development of a project they were working on. He loved joking around with everybody and learning more about his colleagues’ personal lives while everyone completed their work. This time spent with the staff reminded him of his time in college, completing similar activities with friends and classmates.

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