Adoption U

Adoption U is our eLearning platform for Adoptive Parent Training

Adoption professionals from all over the U.S. review each step of the adoption process through short videos and interactive activities.

Becoming Adoption U Certified Adoptive Parents

From the home study to matching, hospital etiquette, post placement communication and more, we will cover a variety of topics so you are well equipped to become adoptive parents.

  • In short training sessions, learn the ins and outs for the most important steps of the adoption process
  • Learn at your own speed to best understand the material
  • Quickly find adoption resources
  • Interactive training ensures you are armed with the knowledge you need
  • Discover specific state adoption laws and processes
  • One time fee of $300 with unlimited access to materials

We are a team of adoption professionals with years of experience in adoption. Many of us are adoptive parents ourselves, birth mothers, and adoptees.

We are dedicated to ensuring you are well educated, well informed, and well prepared for your adoption journey.

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