Vicky Vo

Vicky Vo is a senior at Braswell High School. She is a national scholar, athlete, volunteer, and writer. She is involved in health education, writing, and countless volunteering initiatives. With the goal to study biology and English literature in college, she’s looking forward to educating and empowering those interested in medicine. In her free time, sheContinue reading “Vicky Vo”

Jonathan Tick

Jonathan Tick is a content writer from the Bay Area, California, specializing in SEO content blog and story writing. He currently holds a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing (’20) from the University of California Riverside. Jonathan strives to learn from all avenues of writing and finds great joy in writing for organizations and groups fighting forContinue reading “Jonathan Tick”

Auroura Warner

Auroura Warner is a current student at Southern New Hampshire University. She was born in Orlando, Florida, lived in California, and now resides in Merritt Island. She is aiming for a Bachelor’s degree in Communication with a Concentration in Professional Writing. Auroura wants to become a professional writer someday. In Auroura’s pastime, she enjoys writingContinue reading “Auroura Warner”