Our Services

What We Do at Marketing Choices

Blog Management

Prepare and publish blog posts for websites. Blogs are filled with valuable keywords, internal linking to advertised landing pages, backlinks, and necessary content which is at length and formatted for the highest response per Google recommendations.

Our process: topics are prepared for editorial writers who research and prepare current, valid content. Each article is edited for both appropriate content and spelling/grammar by our Managing Editor, returned for any updates, and now ready for our publishing process. Each article is optimized in WordPress per the best industry practices, featured images are added and also optimized, and scheduled.

Blogs publish through the week and links can be shared on social media outlets. The sharing drives traffic to the website thus increasing visibility and improving the sites search ranking.

The blogs themselves combined with the optimization efforts helps boost SEO quality by positioning the website as a relevant answer to customers’ questions, provides more opportunities to rank in search engines, and make the site more appealing to visitors. They also help decrease bounce rate, support link outreach, target more keywords, expand the target audience, and build brand authority.

A well-managed blog is limitless in its online outreach and marketing potential. Some additional details include:

  • We help create an annual/monthly theme with weekly topics
  • Research, write, edit, optimize, publish 3-5 weekly blog articles
  • Prepare weekly “news” article for each agency to get listed under Google News 
  • Able to produce Spanish content

SEO Optimization

SEO for websites are likely to include monthly meeting with your support company or who ever manages Google AdWords and each agency.

During monthly meetings with support company, we are advised the most common and most used keywords in which are incorporated on the main landing pages as well as advertised landing pages throughout the site.

Given the Google quality scores for landing pages (of the same) we are able to make SEO updates (i.e. adding links, updating content, adding and optimizing images – various other measures that are page/content specific and always updates per the best industry practices for improving quality score – this is fluid).

Further, new pages are created to reflect new or trending keywords or addressing phrases that searchers are using to find agency or addressing phrases/pages that competitors are using.

Some Additional Details Include:

  • Monthly demographics changes are taken in to consideration for updating – these are always obtained from the agency during monthly meetings
  • Given statistics, organize and analyze Cost Per Click (CPC) per AdWords campaign as well as leads (calls and forms) (requires assist with support company)
  • Familiar with Geofencing and location-based marketing (requires assist with support company)
  • Website updates as requested, needed, or advised – might include content updates, images, optimization, keyword updates, performance improvement, plugin updates, broken links, and more
  • Website health check-ups, repair broken links, update plugins

Social Media Management

Create and manage accounts on social media platforms to include: Facebook, Instagram, Google Business, TikTok, Twitter, and others at special request. Benefits include: cost effective marketing, reach, user interaction, brand awareness and growth, and generate leads.

Tasks Might Include:

  • Share agency posts and blogs on Marketing Choices accounts sporadically for extra exposure
  • Management also includes follower engagement and interactions, reacting to messages, comments, follows and Likes, collaborating with influencers, and maintaining an eye on competitor accounts
  • Monitor and measure performance, analytics, audience analysis, and ROI
  • Researching social trends both in marketing and within agency industry
  • Able to produce Spanish content
  • Conduct a social media audit and determine the right social media platforms
  • Analyze target audience
  • Plan, create, schedule, and publish relatable, original content on social media platforms
    • Includes static posts, videos, and stories
  • Share agency events on Google Business and Facebook when relevant (i.e. support groups, training, special agency events etc.)
  • Packages start as low as $500 monthly

Design and Promotional Content

Creative department will communicate and promote agency brand in a visually appealing way as well as strategic messaging and placement in the form of copy, paper, and/or promotional items as needed/requested by agency.

Can Include:

  • Rebranding to include but not limited to: new name, new logo, new design, new color scheme
  • Services include design and edits, ordering (at agency expense), and shipment tracking
  • Able to design and create Spanish related material
  • logos, brochures, business cards, flyers, post cards, cards, business cards, clothing, bags, kitchen items, useful gadgets, hand sanitizers, blankets, stuffed animals, folders, table tents, tablecloths and runners, booklets, bookmarks, labels and stickers, pens, post-it notes, stamps, gift certificates, gift cards, personnel badges and lanyards, magnets, car magnets, signs, banners, retractable banners, decals, posters, door signs, awards, medals, trophies, coins, invitations, announcements, letterheads, and more – limitless.