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By Syd Sukalski

Have you recently discovered that you or your partner is infertile? Are you struggling with devastation and loneliness as a result? Maybe you’re trying to determine your next steps, but you’re not sure what they might be. If any of these sounds like you, you should look into More Choices’ infertility journal and keep reading.

Before we dive into discussing infertility journals, let us introduce ourselves.

More Choices Publications is a subsidiary of Marketing Choices. Our mission is to create helpful and meaningful products. Some of our current products and projects include our E-learning training series, therapeutic games, and infertility journals. 

Now, let’s talk about infertility journals.

What Is an Infertility Journal?

When asked, Lisa Johnson, Director of Marketing Choices, defined More Choices’ infertility journal thus: “This unique book is a guided journal for anyone battling infertility. It’s filled with guided prompts, informational pages, and inspirational quotes. From infertility, IVF (in vitro fertilization), through the possibility of choosing surrogacy or adoption to reach a place of acceptance…it’s for anyone in any stage of infertility.” And this is also what makes More Choices’ infertility journal special. Most infertility journals discuss infertility and touch on IVF, but ours discusses more options. With the More Choices’ infertility journal, you’ll learn about surrogacy, adoption, and even the possibility of accepting a life without children.

Infertility Journal vs. Fertility Journals

A fertility journal helps you track your journey as you and your partner try to conceive a child. With an infertility journal, you already know that conception in the usual way will not be possible. Instead, an infertility journal is about your journey from this point, different ways to move forward to becoming a parent and supporting your mental health during this difficult time.

Who Is an Infertility Journal For?

While women more often keep infertility journals, people of any gender identity can and do use them. These therapeutic tools can be beneficial for all people affected by infertility.

What Do I Write in My Infertility Journal?

As previously mentioned, infertility journals contain all sorts of prompts that allow you to keep track of your journey. Some of these prompts might ask you to tell your story or may just ask you how you’re feeling today and what your body would say if it could talk.

Marketing Choices Lisa Johnson also specifies some other elements included in More Choices’ journal: “it also has cycle trackers, expense trackers, appointments, medication logs, and daily check-ins. You can write whatever you want to share, release, or remember. The idea is to help you better understand your journey, yourself, and grow through infertility. Even if that means you don’t have a baby.”

These different trackers can be integral when you want to look back to see which doctors told you what or if you need to look back on other information. This way, you can keep all your data in one place, so you never lose it. 

Should I Share My Infertility Journal with Others?

It’s entirely up to you. Infertility journals are a private, safe space where you work through your thoughts and feelings. If you want to keep it to yourself, by all means, please do. But, if you’d like to share your journal, you might show it to your spouse, or maybe if you adopt a child one day and want to share your journey with them, you’ll page through it together. An infertility journal is your tool for your process. Use it how you find works best for you.

What Is the Purpose of an Infertility Journal?

Infertility isn’t something a lot of couples consider might happen when they decide they would like to have kids. It can be a devastating and lonely process as you and your significant other try to determine your next steps. Learning that it will not be possible for you to conceive a child in the usual way can take a real mental toll, and your mind might whirl with sad and harmful thoughts, but you need to heal.

The purpose of an infertility journal is to provide you with a safe space where you can work through your thoughts and communicate with yourself and your partner. It’s a place where you can organize what’s going on in your life and your head, much like any other journal. An infertility journal is about processing what you’re going through, finding the support you need, and benefiting your mental health through journaling during this difficult time.

Baby or Not Here We Grow Infertility Journal

Infertility is difficult to deal with in many ways, but an infertility journal will help you process all of that. It will help you find your next steps and begin to heal. 

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