What is Digital Marketing?

By Mitchell Kennis

There are hundreds of millions of businesses in the world. Trying to make your brand stand out amid all of those is quite daunting, no doubt. However, you can own a billboard advertisement to market yourself to a wide consumer audience. All you need is internet access and a mind for how to produce a lasting digital interest in your business. Digital marketing can be used to build and grow your audience base with a few tactics.

There are courses that delve into far better detail on what that would require. We hope to highlight what we can do for your business or brand through digital marketing and beyond. From developing a marketing strategy to managing campaigns, Marketing Choices can handle your content marketing and online advertising needs. We are a team of smart, social, and creative people who deliver colorful solutions for our client’s Marketing Plan. To contact Marketing Choices and learn more about our services, you can email us here.

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What Exactly is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a type of marketing that optimizes consumer interest through the internet. In other words, a digital marketer will follow trends and common searches online to best reach a prospective audience. You might change some wording in your organization’s mission statement to be found easier by search engines, for instance.

The Types of Digital Marketing

It’s easy to see digital marketing as just “marketing but do it online.” While this isn’t untrue, there are actually 6 different types of internet advertising that can be tapped to bolster a business. Some can be used in conjunction with others in growing a brand, but all have unique paths to that result.  

Content Marketing

When thinking about content as “information on the internet,” then you might already guess what content marketing entails. This marketing type draws in consumer or audience interest in your business by way of written, drawn, or recorded material. YouTube videos or podcasts are an example of recorded material. You could demonstrate drawn content with information graphics or advertising artwork. Written material comes most often in published blogs and articles. Having a good amount and nice balance of different content will help reach and expand your audience easier. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Trying to find a specific website on the internet nowadays is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Your business might be buried under dozens of website pages of similar content. To combat this, you can use keywords sought by your prime audience in your content. Doing so will allow Google or other search engines to suggest your business to folks faster. Hyperlinking your website back through your content as well can guarantee some traffic.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Advertising is a way to ensure your business reaches a wider audience across the web. Pay-Per-Click refers to types of internet advertisements that cost money per the number of people following the clickable link.

Social Media Marketing

A bit similar to content marketing is social media marketing. The difference is just the use of platforms like Facebook. You can create videos or posts regarding your business on social media sites but doing so usually requires payment. With the number of people on social media, having an account for your business will certainly spread the word. 

Email Marketing

If social media or web searching isn’t used by a core part of your audience, there is always email. Marketing done through email reminders from first-time visitors to your website can help create a lasting customer. You might already have an idea of what these look like, but email advertisements promote sales and wish you happy holidays. They can have a more personal flair than articles can by addressing the customer and their interests directly.

Affiliate Marketing

Instead of just relying on your own content to grow your brand, try depending on others to promote it. Affiliate marketing means paying other content creators and websites to advertise for you with whatever means they are known for. The word of a famous figure can do wonders to draw their audience into your own.

Why Use Digital Marketing?

It isn’t hyperbole to say we are in an age of internet consumption. On the whole, the average person will spend a few hours online for one reason or another. Phones and laptops have made information an always-available commodity. What this means is the most reliable source of advertising is the internet. 

So, why use digital marketing? Because it would be much easier to grow your business with it. A large percentage of your audience can be found through it. And billboards are really expensive. 

How Marketing Choices can Help You Market Digitally

There is a lot of nuance to advertising online, many dead ends, and ways to get canceled too. Luckily enough, there are professional sources you can depend on to help market for you. And fortunately, you already found one of those sources with us at Marketing Choices. Our team will work tirelessly to get your business the spotlight it needs to prosper. Trust our years of experience and the fact that you found us in a sea of other websites as proof.  

We look forward to helping you through your journey!