Meet the Team – Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson Marketing Choices

By Bruce Kong

Marketing Choices Director, Lisa Johnson, leads the team in helping agencies thrive in the digital marketing environment. Lisa’s drive as a leader and expertise in her field of work has allowed her to build a gifted team who markets for their clients. Together they not only put clients on the map but create a digital footprint in stone.

Behind the hard work that she puts into Marketing Choices and her clients – Lisa, like everybody else – has her own story to share.
Lisa Johnson was born in Ohio. She grew up in a small town surrounded by cornfields which likely sparked the desire to travel and see the world. By 18, she was backpacking Europe solo and building a scrapbook of adventures. She went north for college at Tiffin University, where she studied business.

During the first year of her undergrad at Tiffin University, Lisa knew that marketing was the path to take as a career. It’s a versatile industry, and there are multiple directions that Lisa could take to succeed in her future. When leadership, marketing, and becoming a business owner coincided, she was sure to set a firm foot on the ground and take on this path, “I knew I wanted an education, a degree in business felt versatile, and as I studied through it, enjoyed the marketing side and leadership/management.”

Upon graduating with her Bachelor’s in Business and Marketing, Lisa joined the U.S. Army. While active as an Engineer Officer, she continued her education by pursuing a Master’s in Business and Marketing at Walden University and later a Doctorate in Business Administration. After several deployments, she left the Army with a toolbox of discipline, experience, and education. She quickly found her place as a Marketing Director with a running and triathlon store.

Upon meeting the love of her life, it was time to move on. Lisa worked as an independent contractor for a network of licensed adoption agencies. Her employment as a contractor led her to build an internal marketing agency – Marketing Choices! Lisa’s experience, knowledge, and knack for creativity in marketing and leadership allow her to manage the different departments and aspects of a marketing campaign or project, which has led her to grow the marketing company tremendously.

Furthermore, this opportunity has allowed Lisa to travel and to work remotely from Italy. Lisa currently lives with her husband, Luca, and their beautiful chocolate lab, Jake.

As a former officer in the U.S. Army, Lisa supports military and veteran causes. If it’s not enough, she is passionate about playing a role in helping with dog/animal rescue as well! She is most passionate about triathlon and Coaching athletes in running, fitness, and triathlon.

Her goal-driven personality makes her stand out from others and excel in planning and organization. Lisa continues to grow Marketing Choices as the Director, build staff and young interns, and help her clients grow.

Here is a word of advice from Lisa to young adults and interns who are beginning their careers, “Close your mouth and open your ears. Be patient but don’t settle. Do the work. Don’t make excuses. Never be too proud to admit that you’ve made a mistake, to ask for help, to apologize, or to thank others. Know your worth, then add tax!”

Fun facts about Lisa: traveled all over the world to compete in Ironman events. She competed in the Ironman World Championship in Kona (2019), the most amazing finish line in her life. And Lisa is currently an International Triathlon Coach. She loves to travel, read, and is highly focused on a healthy lifestyle.

From developing a marketing strategy to managing campaigns, Marketing Choices can handle your content marketing and online advertising needs. We are a team of smart, social, and creative people who deliver colorful solutions for our client’s Marketing Plan. To contact Marketing Choices and learn more about our services, you can email us here.

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