Meet the Team- Katie Priore

Katie Priore Marketing Choices

By Rose O’Connor 

Katie Piore is a Public Relations Coordinator at Marketing Choices. Her position works with our services to provide a positive perspective on the company and proactively promote stories of potential interest to the media. She works in my industry because she enjoys being creative and engaging with people. 

Her Background 

To know more about her background, she was born in Oyster Bay, New York. She grew up very Italian, specifically from her father’s side. She comes from a big New York Italian Family in the Long Island area. Additionally, in her life, she has lived in the states of Pennsylvania and Virginia. She has also lived in Sicily, Italy. Her favorite hobby is reading. She loves reading and it is something that she tries to do daily. An interesting fact about her is that she lived near a volcano for three years. 

Background in Education & Experiences  

She graduated from Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania in 2018. She has a BA in English and Communications (journalism track). She chose this major because she loves reading and editing. She also has a passion for creation and social media. When explaining what industry she wanted to work in when she started college, she had no idea that her current role would be her path. She originally was going to study law then education. Finally, she talked to one of her career counselors on campus and they guided her to what she is today.

Additionally, before her experience, she had two professional internships. First, she worked for a non-profit, handling their social media and all administrative tasks. Her second internship was working for multiple start-up agencies at Jump Start Incubator. She created all their social media from scratch and handled various tasks for their growing businesses. 

Advice to Give to Younger Person 

If she could give a younger person career advice, she explained that you should aim for a job where you are excited to work. The rest, life as we so call it, will follow after. She truly enjoys working with Marketing Choices. Every day she gets to interact, create, and be engaging. Her position fulfills her in ways that are important to her. She wishes the same for anyone searching for a career. 

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