Introducing Our Guided Infertility Journal Baby or Not Here We Grow

Guided Infertility Journal Baby or Not Here We Grow

By Elle Kerrigan

While infertility can feel isolating, it is a journey that many individuals struggle with. Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive after at least one year of attempting. This is a difficult time for couples hoping for a child, but knowing that you are not alone can be comforting. The struggle to conceive can come with many emotional ups and downs.

During this time, it may be helpful to use a fertility journal to regulate your emotions. Journals are fantastic tools for working through difficult feelings and achieving clarity. At Marketing Choices, we offer a journal, Infertility Journal: Baby or Not Here We Grow, as a part of our journal series. We created this product for individuals seeking an outlet while experiencing infertility. With five parts, this guided journal can help you feel supported in your troubles with conceiving. 

Why is Journaling Beneficial?

Journaling has a long history of therapeutic value. As a woman struggling to conceive, you likely have a lot on your mind. You may be feeling confusion, guilt, sadness, and frustration. These are all completely valid feelings to have during this time. It is very beneficial to have an outlet to work through these emotions. With the prompts available in our journal, you can write through your thoughts, track your cycle and appointments, check in with your emotions, and more.

Putting thoughts to paper is extremely stress-relieving. You are taking the weight from your mind and releasing it into words, which is both healthy and productive. Worries are heavy to carry around all the time. Infertility comes with a lot of worries; worries about the future, your relationships, or associated medical procedures are common. Through your words, you can get to the root of what really worries you and how to face this head-on.

As a result, you may feel lighter and have a higher sense of confidence about handling stress in the future. If you feel like you have a million thoughts running around your head, journaling can help you organize these thoughts and better make sense of them. In turn, you can better communicate with your partner, family, or friends about any feelings arising from infertility. Struggling to conceive is already a stressful time. Anything that you can do to reduce this stress is beneficial to your body, mind, and relationships. 

What Does Our Guided Infertility Journal Offer?

Our Infertility Journal: Baby or Not Here We Grow covers many bases of infertility. We created this journal with the intention of being a comprehensive support tool for all those attempting to conceive. We have included trackers for appointments and vitamins, a medical contacts page, and a discussion of fertility treatment options. If you are undergoing IVF, the journal includes IVF tracking pages as well as writing prompts regarding the process. There are sections for tracking IVF medications and appointments and for recording notes about your embryo transfer and freezing processes. You may have many appointments or supplements to stay on top of, and writing these down will help you remember! We have also accounted for those seeking surrogacy or adoption.

The journal is full of prompts to help you work through your decision on how to conceive and how to remain calm in the process. If you eventually decide that continuing on a fertility journey is not right for you, our Infertility Journal: Baby or Not Here We Grow has a section on accepting a child-free life. There is no shame or judgment in a personal journal. It is truly the one place where you can express your most authentic feelings, doubts, and thoughts. The journal is meant to be used in a way that best serves you. We encourage you to utilize the journal for your unique situation and in whatever way brings you the most peace. You are in charge of this healing practice. Overall, we hope that these prompts, tools, and exercises serve as a form of clarity for you during this time. 

Through a mindful practice like journaling, you’re taking proper care of your emotions. This is a brave way to honor yourself, and you should thank yourself for taking the first step toward coping. Infertility is not an easy journey, but there are tools available to help you along the way. Marketing Choices is proud to be a support system. If you or someone you know is dealing with infertility and seeking support, we hope our infertility journal will serve as a companion during this time. Additionally, if you are interested in learning about any of our other services, you can visit our homepage or contact us now!