Benefits of SEO for Your Business

SEO Benefits Marketing Choices

By Mitchell Kennis

Marketing your business online is not as easy as hiring a plane to fly your advertisement around town. There are a number of factors working against you getting seen on the internet, including the search engine itself. The good news about that is there is a tried-and-tested way to maximize your potential to be found called SEO. 

The proper way to optimize your results takes time and practice to perfect, but the effort is well worth it. But if learning SEO is another meal you’re not excited to heap on your plate, consider hiring others to help. From developing a marketing strategy to managing campaigns, Marketing Choices can handle your content marketing and online advertising needs.

We look forward to helping you through your journey!

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Imagine you are in a massive grocery store with a shopping list for milk and eggs. Were the items in the store randomly dispersed, the task of finding these things would be quite difficult. However, the store organizes items based on what they are, such as dairy, bread, or the deli. You know then where to look for eggs and milk because of this optimizing of sought items.

Now imagine the store is Google and your shopping list is what you want to know from the vast internet. Google, like the grocery store, organizes these favorable search results based on particular keywords or phrases using a sorting algorithm. So, “Where to find eggs” will yield different site results than “where do eggs come from.” 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means using awareness of these algorithms to bring your website onto the first page of results.

5 Ways SEO Can Help Your Business

Back before the internet was a thing, the potential for finding customers hinged on door-to-door or billboard marketing. Today, people see hundreds to thousands of advertisements a week. In order to stand out on the web, then it is important to utilize the tools of SEO. Using the proper words and phrases to market yourself will help in quite a number of ways. 

1. Potential Customers Find Your Business Easier

People who tweak their back will look online for “massage near me.” The algorithm will then find the more relevant results for that particular phrase. Beyond the location, they will find a few pages of results chalked full of medical and therapeutic services. If your massage studio has any chance of reaching a new customer online, it’s by being one of these results. Even if they don’t directly visit your website, future potential customers might see your business name and remember it later. Proper SEO will reward you with this attention online. 

2. Affiliate Partners See Your Business as a Good Investment

Besides showing your business to future consumers, SEO can also help you find other advertising opportunities via affiliate partners. Being on the first few pages of search results means you are found easily by content creators looking for sponsors. They are likely to look into your business after all before advertising your services to their audience base. But once they find your website with a single search, they will lead their listeners/watchers/readers straight to you. 

3. Your Business Found by All, Young and Old

Technology isn’t intuitive to people of all ages. You’ve maybe had a grandparent who was less than savvy with an Ipad. SEO is important for such demographics by making their experience finding your business online as easy as possible. Since you can’t teach all the elderly relatives about google, you can at least make their web-searching smooth. You might be surprised how big an impression your business will have by being accessible quickly.  

4. Redirecting Internet Traffic to Your Business and Beyond 

In the very real possibility that you don’t just have a website for your business, SEO can direct your traffic. Social Media accounts for your enterprise are also a very big part of getting seen and recommended. If you don’t have a large number of followers/subscribers/friends, however, then you can depend on SEO to assist. If your website comes up with certain keywords in a search, your socials will likely pop up as well. This will double your probability of getting seen! It also increases the likelihood a customer will visit your site from a link on your socials or vice versa.

5. Making it on the Searchbar Suggestions 

If you are vigilant and consistent with SEO, it can help you move beyond the page itself. If you type a single letter into the search bar of Google, a list of suggestions will automatically fill in some words. These suggestions change as you type for popular searches. Match your marketing enough with what is popular, and it is likely to appear among these suggestions as well. The power of SEO can make it so appear even before the first page of a web search.

Search Engines and Marketing Choices on Your Side

By using keywords and phrases, a search engine becomes a steering wheel for your business. How to drive that engine isn’t as simple as it might seem, however. There are lots of niches rules the algorithm follows to help web searches that might hinder your business. But if you need assistance with SEO or other marketing solutions, Marketing Choices is here for you. We have a team dedicated to putting your business on the first page of any search.

We are a team of smart, social, and creative people who deliver colorful solutions for our client’s Marketing Plan. To contact Marketing Choices and learn more about our services, you can email us here.