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Melissa N. Martínez is a hard-working, creative editor with great organizational and time management skills. Working at Marketing Choices, she is passionate about creating attractive and understandable material while incorporating user feedback to improve projects. As a professional marketer, Melissa’s responsibility also includes making sure the client feels comfortable throughout the process. 

Martínez spent the first two years of her life traveling between the US and Puerto Rico. She loves spending time with her loved ones because of her Puerto Rican heritage and a sense of family. When Melissa was a child, she loved watching TV and writing. She dreamt of becoming an exotic animal veterinarian because Melissa wanted to help animals and give them better lives. 

Melissa graduated from the University of Puerto Rico: Mayagüez Campus with a BA in English Literature. She discovered her love for written words in college and eventually switched her major to English Literature. Martínez joined the English Department Student Association(EDSA) of the University of Puerto Rico: Mayagüez Campus. She was also the president and co-founder of Love of Writing, Arts, and Creativity. Melissa was also the Editor-in-Chief of the Newsletter and the business leader of Baja SAE of the Mechanical Engineering Department. 

The college experience helped Martínez to accumulate solid knowledge and experience in writing. She learned about the importance of deadlines which became a principle for Martínez’s professional path. A professor once encouraged Martínez: “you are a diamond in the rough, you just need a little polishing, and you’ll go far.” The words stuck with Melissa and encouraged her always to strive to go above and beyond because of. 

Besides an editing internship for the English Department during college, Melissa’s career did not start in the editing industry. Instead, she spent almost six years as a teacher after graduating college. While this experience helped Martínez to grow different skills, she also realized that her true passion is writing and editing. 

Her current life focus is working hard and hitting different milestones in life. She loves to try different creative mediums, such as drawing, singing, writing, painting, etc. 

When she is not working, you can find Melissa playing with her puppies, Lincoln and Navi, watching television, or baking. She recently moved from the island of Puerto Rico to the mainland with her husband in search of their next adventure. 

In 2020, Melissa started to take the time to try her hands at writing and a career as an editor. It was the same year that Melissa started working at Marketing Choices. Martínez started her position at Marketing Choices as an editorial intern. She was responsible for content creation for about six months before becoming a project manager to take on more responsibilities. Through her striving spirit and remarkable performance, Martínez is now the managing editor who supervises over twenty content writers. Her responsibilities include organizing monthly meetings, reviewing/editing content, implementing SEO keywords, scheduling article topics, etc. Melissa’s interactive leadership with the writing team provides tremendous benefits and limitless opportunities for growth for Marketing Choices, clients, and writers.

Melissa loves her work at Marketing Choices. She describes the working environment as fulfilling and inspiring. Melissa believes that she is finally at the right place, with the right people, at the right time. When she was a teacher, she was always stressed out. However, Martínez feels comfortable and relaxed working at Marketing Choices. In addition, Melissa’s love for paperwork and editing makes her feel very satisfied with her decision to join Marketing Choices

When describing her strengths, Melissa uses determination, patience, and creativity. She believes these characteristics help her provide better services for clients of Marketing Choices. Melissa’s goal is to utilize her talents to help more clients to expand their businesses. 

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