Meet the Marketing Choices Team: Sarah-Marie Adamson

Sarah-Marie Marketing Choices

Meet the Marketing Choices Team: Sarah-Marie Adamson

By Syd Sukalski

It’s time to meet our media production manager: Sarah-Marie Adamson! Today, we’ll discuss Sarah-Marie’s career path and how she ended up working with us at Marketing Choices and More Choices Publishing.

But, before we tell you all about Sarah-Marie, let us introduce ourselves.

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Now, let’s meet Sarah-Marie.

Sarah-Marie’s Early Passions

Sarah-Marie came from a military family. Her father was often overseas, and she constantly had to switch schools, but Sarah-Marie always had a creative streak. She spent much of her childhood making movies with her friends. Sarah-Marie always knew she’d be a writer, though she was also interested in acting, photography, singing, and veterinary school (if she had time among all her other pursuits). Sarah-Marie wanted to be an artist, and today, one of her biggest goals in her career is to make the child she once was in awe of her current professional pursuits. 

Sarah-Marie’s Educational Pursuits

Sarah-Marie attained her BFA in Film and Media Arts from the University of Tampa. When she first arrived at the school, which she selected based on a “Yoga in the Park” advertisement on the sidewalk she saw during her tour, Sarah-Marie started in the literature program. But, she switched to film because she thought it might give her a more diverse course load. While pursuing her BFA, Sarah-Marie honed her creative skills by learning to problem-solve when everything on her film sets went awry.

Sarah-Marie says, “During school, I didn’t feel like I fit in with most other film students, so I generally opted out of working in groups when possible. Because of this, I had to figure things out in my own way, and I self-taught myself in a lot of situations.” Sarah-Marie was active in organizations such as the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Photography Club, and Med-Life, through which she volunteered with Relay for Life and RAM (Remote Area Medical). “RAM provided medical (primary care, dental/orthodontia, and ophthalmology) care for individuals who could not afford (or were able to obtain) health service.” During this time, Sarah-Marie worked as a medical assistant to dental hygienists and doctors.

Before Sarah-Marie Came to Marketing Choices and More Choices Publishing

Before coming to Marketing Choices, Sarah-Marie had a repertoire of different work experiences in film and marketing. With BFA in Film and Media Arts, Sarah-Marie worked at the Hallmark Channel as a props intern and at Tanenbaum as a video editor for their 2019 “Peace Made Possible” Gala. Her independent film projects have also screened at festivals in Los Angeles, Colorado Springs, Jacksonville, Marseille, and Milan. She holds her awards from these events as some of the greatest accomplishments in her career.

With the marketing side to her professional portfolio, Sarah-Marie worked with Go Bark Ball as a social media marketing intern, with Aerial Innovations as a Marketing Director, and with Walt Disney World Resort as a sales and solutions specialist. Sarah-Marie got into this field for its creative outlets. She could never see herself as a lawyer or a doctor. She’s always wanted to create, and marketing allows her to do that while pulling in a regular paycheck.

Sarah-Marie Today

Today, Sarah-Marie works at Marketing Choices and More Choices Publishing as the Media Production Manager. In her position, Sarah-Marie oversees multimedia projects, including the eLearning Adoptive Parent Training series, Foster Care Adoption Training Series, Ready or Not Here We Grow Infertility Journal, the website for More Choices Publications, and more.

Sarah-Marie says of her job with Marketing Choices and More Choices Publications, “I like being a part of the Marketing Choices team because I genuinely feel like what I’m doing is important. These projects I’ve collaborated (and taken charge) on affect people directly, whether it be infertility struggles or wanting to expand their family through adoption. I think knowing that if at least one person was directly helped through the work I’ve created, I feel like I’ve made a difference in the world. And my work has reached hundreds.”

A Bit of Advice from Sarah-Marie

To leave off this professional biography of Sarah-Marie Adamson, Media Production Manager at Marketing Choices and More Choices Publishing, Sarah-Marie offers advice to young people today. She tells young people to be kinder to themselves. She spent all of her time in college pursuing her next internship. She was constantly busy and never got to appreciate college or have the experience she wanted.

She was obsessed with building her resume to further her career, but she discovered throughout this process that things take time. You may have a competitive resume, but don’t get hung up on where you think you should be in your career. Sarah-Marie wants you to “appreciate your accomplishments, even if you consider them to be minuscule. Appreciate yourself, and show yourself more kindness.”

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