What is Blog Management?

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By Jesse Popp

If you’re a business owner or looking to grow your social media presence, Marketing Choices may be right for you. Marketing Choices has a variety of social media management packages that can help establish your brand. Some of our services include public relations, social media management, search engine optimization, blog management, and more. If you are interested in getting started with Marketing Choices, feel free to contact us today!

Blog Management at Marketing Choices

One of the services that we offer at Marketing Choices is blog management. With our blog management service, we assist you in preparing and publishing blog posts for websites. Our process consists of content writers who will research and prepare current, valid content. Every article written by content writers is edited by Marketing Choices’ managing editor. She edits for spelling, grammar, and appropriate content. After this, the article will be ready for the publishing process. 

The publishing process entails optimization through WordPress using the best industry practices. Then, featured images are added and optimized, and the article gets scheduled. The blogs are scheduled to publish throughout the week. From here, links can be shared via social media outlets. Sharing increases the number of clicks and traffic, which in turn increases your website’s search ranking. Since the blogs are filled with search-engine-optimized keywords, they are formatted for the highest response as per Google recommendations. 

Optimized blogs help boost your website’s search engine optimization quality. Your site will be positioned as a relevant answer to customers’ questions, making the site more appealing to visitors. Search engine optimization also decreases bounce rate, targets more keywords, supports link outreach, and expands the target audience. 

For more information about how blog management works and other details about our social media management packages, visit our services page here

Marketing Choices’ Social Media Management Packages

Marketing Choices have five different social media management packages that will help build your brand. Ahead is some information about each package and what they include. 

1. Website and Blog Management

If you choose the Website and Blog Management package, you’ll be provided with monthly services to boost your website’s reach. This package begins with an initial Zoom consultation to discuss the logistics of your project. You will be able to talk about the monthly theme you desire as well as weekly topics. We will research, write, edit, optimize, and publish blogs weekly. We have the ability to produce content that is in Spanish if you need it as well! 

2. Rebranding or Redesign

Choosing the Rebranding or Redesign package also includes an initial consultation via Zoom. There will be an assessment of your branding ideas. This includes your vision for your project, figuring out what you like, and choosing font and color preferences. You will be provided with several ideas to choose from. Included are two edits and one final fine-tuning edit. 

3. Social Media Next Level

The Social Media Next Level package, of course, begins with a Zoom consultation and an assessment of your business. We will create and publish 10-15 pieces of content per month. This package will consist of an analysis of your competitors, as well as Instagram hashtag research. There will be daily monitoring and engagement, influencer outreach management, and targeted geo-tagging. You will also be provided the option to run ads via Meta.

4. Social Media Reboot

Starting with a Zoom consultation, the Social Media Reboot package also offers an assessment of your business. The redesign will focus on branding, logo, font, and color matching. This package includes one month of original content or about 10-15 posts. We will assist you with a strategy document to help support your media efforts during your first few months. 

5. Social Media Start-Up 

The Social Media Start-Up package starts with an initial Zoom consultation to assess your business. It will include the creation of two social media profiles, as well as one month (10-15 posts) of original content. There will also be a strategy document created to help support social media efforts in the first couple of months. 

To learn more about our social media management packages or to begin your business journey, visit https://marketingchoices.com/services/

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