What is Content Promotion, and What Other Services Does Marketing Choices Offer? 

Content Promotion Marketing Choices

By Rose O’Connor  

If you want to grow your business and gain more clients, then Marketing Choices may be your best choice! At Marketing Choices, we have a variety of different services and packages to help the growth of your business. If you want to look more into our servicescontact us today! 

What is Design and Promotional Content? 

Our Design and Promotional content involves our creative department! Our creative department will contact and promote agency brands. Additionally, our creative department involves strategic messaging and placement of different forms. These include copy, paper, and other promotional items. 

Design and Promotional Services We Offer 

Our services of Design and Promotional Content include designs, edits, ordering, and shipment tracking. Sometimes a simple overview of a logo is all that is needed. Therefore, our custom logo design is with our artists and graphic designers! Here is a more in-depth description of our services. 

  • We will offer an initial Zoom consultation. 
  • We have various ideas to promote your business’s goals, such as logos, brochures, business cards, flyers, postcards, cards, business cards, clothing, bags, kitchen items, useful gadgets, and other aspects. 
  • We have options for you to choose from when deciding on font and color preferences. 
  • We are able to create and design Spanish-related material. 
  • With two edits and one final fine-tuning edit

How Marketing Choices Can Help Lead Potential Clients To Your Business 

Our other services and packages can help you grow your business. Our variety of packages includes benefits that will help your business to gain more clients. Here are the other services and packages that we offer. 

Blog Management 

Our Blog Management department prepares and publishes blog posts for websites. These blogs have essential keywords, links to advertising pages, backlinks, and other important content. 

The process of this department is that our editorial writers will have prepared topics. Then, they will research and prepare content. Our Managing Editor then edits the articles for organization, spelling, and grammar. Unless the articles are returned for any updates, they are ready for our publishing process. This means that each article has gone through WordPress. 

Additionally, our related service includes SEO Optimization. This falls under our Blog Management Department. SEO for websites is likely to include monthly meetings with your company or ad agency. 

During our meetings, we are assigned the most common keywords. This incorporates taking the client on the main landing pages and advertising pages. Therefore, we are able to make SEO updates. 

  • Our Website and Blog Management Package:  When you are trying to make good content, you don’t just put together words. Our writing professionals outline, write, edit, and publish valuable SEO-approved content to run web traffic and sales. This package includes the following:
    • An Initial Zoom Consultation 
    • A determination of a monthly theme with weekly topics. 
    • Researching, writing, editing, optimizing, and publishing weekly blog articles. 
    • An ability to produce Spanish content. 
    • With the addition of 1 blog post a week

Social Media Management 

Our Social Media Management department includes a variety of tasks and services! We mainly create and manage accounts on social media platforms. These platforms include Instagram, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Google Business, Twitter, and other requested ones. These benefits include cost-effective marketing, reaching out to agencies, user interaction, brand awareness, and growth. Here are other benefits of our Social Media Management department: 

  • We share agency posts and blogs on accounts for more viewings. 
  • Our management includes engagement with followers and interactions. These include reacting to messages, comments, following users, liking posts, collaborating with influencers, and other forms of communication. 
  • We monitor analytics, performances, audience analysis, and ROI. 
  • We research social trends both in marketing and within the agency industry. 
  • We lead a social media audit. 
  • We always analyze the target audience. 
  • We always plan, create, schedule, and publish relatable content on social media platforms. 
  • We share agency events on Google Business and Facebook.

Our Social Media Management Packages

Since our Social Media Management department has a variety of different roles, we offer different packages. These packages include from needing assistance with promotion to improving your promotional skills. Here are the packages we offer under blog management.  

  • Our Social Media Start-Up: At Marketing Choices, our Start-Up package gives you the necessary tools to promote your business on all types of social media platforms. If you need further guidance on how to promote your business through social media platforms, then this package is for you! Here is how you will be assisted.
    • We will offer an Initial Zoom Consultation. 
    • We will have a clear understanding of the assessment of your business. 
    • There will be the creation of 2 Social Media profiles. 
    • There is a 1-month time gram of original concern ideas that involves 10-15 posts. 
    • There will be a strategy document to support you throughout your social media efforts during the first few months. 
  • Our Social Media Next Level Package: This package is fully serviced. It is for starting up or rebooting your social media platform! Since managing your social media accounts takes a lot of time and may need resources, here are the tasks that will guide you to take this approach.
    • We will set up an Initial Zoom consultation. 
    • We will have an analysis of your competitors. 
    • There will be Instagram Hashtag for Research. 
    • We will do the task of Daily Monitoring and engagement. 
    • There will be Influencer outreach management. 
    • There is a Targeted geo-tagging, 
    • We have an additional option to run ads that are 400$, starting at a monthly rate. 
  • Our Social Media Reboot Package: You may already have a social media presence that is already set business. But if you need a little more assistance on the quality of that presence, this is a good package for you! At Marketing Choices, we can guide you for your social media “reboot.” Here is how we will help you get the most out of your social media presence.
    • We will set up an Initial Zoom consultation.  
    • There will be an overall assessment of your business. 
    • We can redesign your branding and logo. 
    • There will be 1-month of original content ideas and 10-15 posts. 
    • There will also be a strategy document to assist you in supporting your social media efforts during the first few months.

Feel Free to Contact Us Today! 

At Marketing Choices, we are here to help you with the growth of your business through our Design and Content Promotional Content service. We are also here to assist you with other services and packages as well. 

If you are a prospective consumer looking to grow their business and gain more clients, contact us today!