Naomi Ruiz

Naomi is from Los Angeles, California. She is studying at California State University, Northridge, and will receive her bachelor’s degree in Journalism in late May 2023. Before attending CSUN, she wrote some video scripts for the YouTube channel WickedBinge while finishing her associate’s degree at Santa Monica College. She has previous articles published online inContinue reading “Naomi Ruiz”

Charley Lustig

Charley Lustig is earning her English degree through the University of Dayton. There, Charley navigates a self-designed route in her English major, enabling her to taste numerous types of writing and literature. So far, she has encountered a strong love for writing creative micro pieces, both fiction, and nonfiction. In these types of writing, CharleyContinue reading “Charley Lustig”

Jessica Exstrom

Jessica is a second-year student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, pursuing her bachelor’s degree in English and Psychology. She has a passion for learning about people, something she is actively pursuing by studying Clinical Psychology and through reading and interactions with peers in English classes. When she isn’t studying, she enjoys traveling, drinking coffee, shopping,Continue reading “Jessica Exstrom”