Merry Sutijono

Merry is currently an Undergraduate Student attending the University of California, Davis, and working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. She has developed an interest in reading fiction novels since she was in High School and thought that it would be great for her to develop her writing skills by interning at Marketing Choices.Continue reading “Merry Sutijono”

Hunter Silvery

Hunter Silvey graduated with a BS in Mass Communications from Kansas State University in 2020. He has worked on social media outreach projects for small businesses in Western Kansas through Junction City Main Street Nonprofit. Hunter looks to strengthen his writing skills and add to his experience in the professional realm. Marketing Choices Portfolio

Jaclyn Prasa

Jaclyn Prasa graduated with a BA in English and film minor from Montclair State University in 2017. She has worked in several fields throughout the years post-undergraduate. Though, in professions that have not fully aligned with her degree. Jaclyn has rediscovered her passion for writing and is now gaining professional experience. She is pursuing anContinue reading “Jaclyn Prasa”