Blessing E. Ikhimokpa

As a junior in college, Blessing is pursuing a double major in both Accounting and Marketing.  She has future plans to use her degrees to seek a career in fashion marketing.  She is the youngest of five children and the one of the eldest cousins on her mother’s side of the family.  In 2023, she will be graduating with bachelor’s degrees in business administration.

When she first began her college career, she planned to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Management, but after talking with her mother, she realized this was not the correct path for her future. 

After completing two accounting courses, she found her interest had peaked and decided she wanted to pursue a degree in Accounting.  She later found the curriculum was somewhat challenging but stuck with it as it was the foundation for her future career path.

Her favorite hobbies consist of reading eBook’s and watching Youtube. Blessing is not an outgoing person and can be perceived as being antisocial.  She prefers to communicate with her friends via online chat rather than in-person.  Most of her friends are people she met during high school in which she continues to maintain a close relationship.  Her work ethic is very strong and she is committed to completing tasks long before they are due. 

Blessing plans to use the experience gained from internships and apply them to her career aspirations.  Her favorite colors are blue and black, but she prefers black.  Blessing is passionate about the things she loves and can conversate about them constantly.  Currently, her favorite topic of conversation is about anime.

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